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Bariatric and Metabolic resources for a healthier life

Financing the cost of weight loss surgery and insurance coverage



What is the cost of bariatric surgery & insurance

Many health insurance plans, Medicare and most Medicaid plans cover bariatric and metabolic surgery, but every insurance plan is different. So, it’s important to review your benefits brochure carefully. You can also speak directly with an insurance agent. Speaking with an agent can help you find out if bariatric and metabolic surgery is covered and, if it is, which particular procedures are covered. They can also tell you what your co-pays and deductibles are, plus which surgeons are in your network. They’re a phone call away and can get you the answers you want quickly.


To make sure the procedure is covered under your policy, pre-approvals are usually required by your surgeon. Typically, your surgeon's office will submit the required information or you can do it yourself. In either case, it doesn't hurt to contact your insurance carrier directly to follow up.